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Our Lights

Trail LED lights are milled from a single block of anodized aluminum in the USA and maintain our patented, low-profile, arched design.  They use high-performing CREE LEDS in the best color temperature in the industry and are hand-assemebled in our home office in Plano, TX.  


Lumens/Run Time:  

  • High - 2000 lumens - 2:45 HRS
  • Low - 900 lumens - 14+ HRS
  • Emergency - 200 lumens - 27HRS

Charge Time: 2:45 hours 

Battery: 285g

Light Body: <50g


 Lumens/Run Time:  

  • High - 3200 lumens - 1.5 HRS
  • Low - 1500 lumens - 9HRS
  • Emergency - 300 lumens - 16HRS

Charge Time: 1.5 hours 

Battery: 285g

Light Body: 100g


Lumens/Run Time:  

  • High - 6000 lumens - 2 HRS
  • Low - 4000 lumens - 4 HRS
  • Emergency - 600 lumens - 38HRS

Charge Time: 2 hours 

Battery: 570g

Light Body: <190g


We use high-quality Li-po battery packs with a built-in safety protection.  Additionally, all Trail LED battery packs boast a 1:1 charge ratio, meaning you only need two battery packs to run continuously for 24-hour races. 


Our mounting system (just like all of our products) is designed with the “K.I.S.S.” methodology in mind. Whenever you add additional parts to mount a light, you add weight as well as points of failure. In order to keep the light mounted directly to the helmet, we had to think of something no one had ever done before. It may look overly-simple, but that really is the point. With each fin on the light being a potential attachment point and the mounting bands being flexible, a tight custom fit for any helmet is easily achieved with minimal additional parts and weight. 


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