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First and Foremost


Do not look at the light when plugging it in or turning it on.

Do not shine it into other people’s eyes.

These LED's come with a warning from the manufacturer about permanent eye damage, and you will know what we mean when you turn it on.



Steady Mode- To operate the light, apply battery power first then click (short press of the button). Light will turn on in its last mode. Click the button to alternate between low and high. To go into emergency mode (Ultra low output), hold the button down until the light flashes and is in emergency mode.

To turn off the light, hold the button down until light goes off.

Flash Mode- Apply power to light from battery pack. Hold button down until light begins to flash.  Choose flash pattern by clicking the button to cycle through the 6 available flash patterns.

To turn off the light, hold the down button until light goes off.


Thermal Protection

The light has thermal protection set to 80C.  The light body will get very warm to the touch if standing still on high. If you are stopped, we would highly suggest dimming the light, both for thermal reasons and as a courtesy to anyone around you. If you do not dim the light, it will dim automatically when it gets hot. Once it dims, it will not automatically revert to the previous setting. You must manually turn it back to bright after the light head cools down. Minimal airflow is needed to keep it cool.


Low Battery Warning

The light will flash once every five seconds for five flashes when you have approximately five minutes remaining runtime on high for the DS.  It will flash once every five seconds for five flashes when you have approximately ten minutes runtime remaining on high for the XXX and Halo.

It is suggested that you dim the light at this point. You will have at least 30 minutes of runtime in emergency mode if you dim your light when you recieve the low battery warning. If the light is used past the low battery warning, it will operate until emergency power is reached. At this time, it will enter a steady flash mode until the battery dies.



The battery is a lithium-Ion with protection built into the pack. The charger is a smart charger, so there is no chance of overcharging the battery.  However, we do not recommend leaving it on the charger for extended periods of time after a completed charge cycle. The charge is complete when the light turns green on the charger. If you are not going to be using the battery for over 60-90 days, discharge the battery half way for long term storage. 



All connectors are keyed connectors, so you cannot plug them in the wrong way. Simply plug in and give a 1/4 twist to secure the connection. Connectors will be stiff for the first several uses.  Until the connectors have broken in a bit, you may have to gently push inward while twisting.



Two polyurethane bands are included for helmet mounting.  The suggested method for mounting your light to your helmet is to thread the bands through a helmet vent and wrap each end of the band around a fin on your light.  Click here for a good video tutorial on helmet-mounting the DS and XXX.  Click here for a video tutorial on helmet-mounting the Halo.

Orientation is not important, so mounting your Trail LED light slightly to one side does not matter. If this mounting arrangement does not work for you, feel free to contact us at the email address below for alternative options.



Trail LED lights are water resistant so riding in mud, snow, rain all fine. Swimming in the pool with it = no guarantees.

The battery is sealed in a rubberized coating, making it very water resistant. That being said, we would try and keep it protected if possible. 



As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at info@trailled.com .


Thank you for your purchase and enjoy!

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