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About Trail LED


Trail LED was founded in 2005 by Grady Pace, an avid mountain biker, insatiable risk-taker, and Olympic-caliber tinkerer living in Dallas, TX.  Grady was mountain biking regularly after work to relieve stress and stay in shape. He was hitting the trails with a mission, but he had a problem.  Grady found himself frustrated with the fact that he never felt like he could ride as hard at night as he could in the day.  Specifically, he was limited by the lights that were available on the market. 

Grady wanted a lot of lumens so that he couldn’t get ahead of his light, and he wanted the light on his helmet. Unfortunately, the lights that were available were uncomfortable on the helmet, and he felt limited riding with only a bar light.  

It was Grady's frustration with the bike lights on the market that sparked the crazy idea to design a light SPECIFICALLY for the helmet. He knew it would have to be a radically different design. And while he was at it, it should also be the brightest light in the industry, right? Challenge accepted.

Virtually all bike lights currently on the market are designed to be mounted on the handle bars first, with a helmet mount created as an after-thought. As a result, most lights are just too heavy and bulky to be worn comfortably on a helmet. When they are mounted on a helmet, they sit very high causing neck fatigue, helmet movement, and the possibility of being knocked off your head (or worse) by low-lying obstacles. 

Some epic tinkering ensued, Trail LED was born, and what emerged was our revolutionary, patented design that is feather-light, hugs the helmet, packs a lot of lumens, mounts easily, and sits a mere ¾ inch off the helmet—in short, the first light SPECIFICALLY designed to be mounted on the helmet. So in other words: mission accomplished!


What drives Trail LED as a company is our personal conviction that the quality of our product is of utmost importance to the safety of our customers. We operate 100% within the boundaries of those convictions with every decision we make. What is most important to us is knowing that what we are doing and the products and services we are offering are top notch and something special.  We cut no corners when it comes to the quality and safety of our products.  Trail LED's conviction lies in building quality, non-disposable lights that are guaranteed for life and are an important long-term investment in your safety.


All of our lights are manufactured and hand-built right here in the USA and that is how we intend to keep it. We are uncompromising in our resolve to provide the best quality products on the market, and to us that means manufacturing and building them right here in the USA. Each Trail LED light body is milled from a single block of anodized aluminum in Ashville, NC and hand-assembled locally in my home office in Texas. We also use local Dallas, TX companies for our packaging materials, t-shirts and cycling caps. We love nothing more than keeping it local and MADE IN THE USA.


At Trail LED, we go out of our way to be as environmentally responsible as possible. For starters, we build quality lights that last for years. You will not purchase seven of our lights and throw them all in a landfill within four years. Additionally, a big factor in our decision to keep our manufacturing within the US and purchase from local vendors as much as possible is to avoid additional greenhouse gases associated with international shipping.  We are also proud to say that our event van is solar powered.  Even our most requested swag item, the Trail LED unbreakable silicone pint glass, has saved numerous plastic cups from the trash heap at our sponsored events. We have many regulars that show up at our events with their silicone pint cups in hand. We also recycle all shipping materials we receive, whether we reuse them for shipping or they find their way into our compost pile.


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